The Mayku Multiplier

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Precision plastic fabrication on your workbench

The Multiplier is a desktop pressure former that can achieve sub-one-micron resolution in sheet thicknesses of up to 5mm. Combined with high-resolution 3D printing, it can achieve injection mold-like quality parts right from the desktop in a matter of minutes.

Included as standard:

  • The Mayku Multiplier pressure former
  • Sample Template
  • Unlimited custom material profiles
  • First make kit

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Pressure forming performance

Replicate intricate structures

Replicate intricate structures on the sub-micron level for perfectly produced parts.

No layers, no de-lamination

No layers, no de-lamination. Strong, isotropic parts formed from the desktop.

No layers, no de-lamination

Work with a wide range of pure, factory-grade materials.

Real world examples

Prototyping consumer product casings

Prototyping consumer product casings

Material: ABS
Benefit: Mitigate production delays by prototyping using final production materials and final production process.

Industrial food molds

Industrial food molds

Material: Food-safe PETG
Benefit: Rapid production of food-safe molds with reduced lead times and costs

Transparent light lens

Transparent light lens

Material: PMMA
Benefit: Small batch of Transparent, UV resistant with high impact strength with no tooling investment

Small batch microfluidics chips

Small batch microfluidics chips

Material: EVA and pressure-sensitive tape
Benefit: Reduce tooling investment risk, validate final production materials

Prototyping of consumer goods packaging

Prototyping of consumer goods packaging

Material: PETG
Benefit: Rapid iteration and tolerance checking of prototypes in final materials, decreasing time to market

Protective coverings for production line machine

Protective coverings for production line machine

Material: 4mm ABS
Benefit: Maintain production uptime, reduced parts costs, reduced lead times

The Multiplier is not a vacuum former

Unlike traditional forming, our patented pressure forming method applies consistent pressure across the entire mold, resulting in flawless reproduction of even the most intricate designs.

Vacuum Formed

Vacuum Formed

Pressure Formed

Pressure Formed

How it works

Precisely control heat and pressure to create flawless highly detailed parts with production-grade thermoplastics

Mayku Multiplier

1. Create your template

Use a 3D printer, CNC milling machine or other process to make a template to form over.

Mayku Multiplier

2. Select your material

Choose a material profile from the machine’s menu or use custom mode to create a custom profile of your own.

Mayku Multiplier

3. Insert your template

Wait whilst the Multiplier heats your material precisely, the auto-leveling system will keep it level whilst bringing it to the forming temperature.

Mayku Multiplier

4. Form your part

Close the machine and the Multiplier releases up to 4 atmospheres of pressure, exerting up to 5 tonnes of force on your material, pushing it into every detail of your template

Reducing Plate: Save material and get a perfect form

The Multiplier Reducing Plate condenses the forming area of the Multiplier down to A4 or US letter format.

Vacuum Formed
  • Reduce material waste when forming smaller parts
  • Work with thicker materials over 5mm
  • Work with thinner materials as low as 100 microns
  • Use more readily available materials in A4 or US Letter size
  • Decrease webbing on tall parts by reducing the amount of material that would "bunch" around a given part
Pre-order the Reducing Plate

Key specifications

60 psi / 4 bar

Forming pressure

440°F / 225°C

Maximum temperature

15" / 380mm

Forming area

6.5" / 160mm

Draw height



Industrial heat & pressure for ultra-precision

Capture sub-micron details and achieve intricate designs with thick and thin materials. Produce parts with an accurate surface finish that replicates the sub-micron features of your template. Create isotropic parts, ensuring both structural integrity and aesthetic consistency.

Mayku Multiplier
Mayku Multiplier

Precision control for unrivaled forming quality

The Multiplier's auto-leveling system ensures a stable and consistent material surface while heating. The system allows for precise temperature control, enabling materials to reach their forming temperature without undergoing deformation or stretching. This allows for increased definition of the part, as sheets can be safely brought to higher temperatures than any other thermoformer for more detailed forming. The result is a reliable and precise thermoforming process suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Tuned perfectly to your material

Our user-friendly interface allows you to create, save, and edit custom forming profiles for any compatible thermoformable material. This enables you to obtain consistent, high-quality results with your own materials. You can precisely control temperature and pressure, allowing you to adjust the level of detail to achieve your desired finish.

Mayku Multiplier
Mayku Multiplier

Scalable prototyping and production

Fast cycle times of two to thirty minutes, depending on the material type. No matter how large or how many templates you place on the bed, the forming cycle remains constant, giving you consistent time-per-part production.

User-friendly operation for all skill levels

The Multiplier Pressure Former features an intuitive user interface designed for ease of use right out of the box. The interface is built to guide users in optimizing machine performance, ensuring consistent and reliable results. It is suitable for individuals with various backgrounds and skill levels, and our expert application engineers are always on hand to assist with any specialized projects.

Mayku Multiplier
Mayku Multiplier

Streamline your workflow in-house

Designed to fit on your bench-top, the Multiplier pressure former will always be within reach, enabling you to use it exactly when you need it. Eliminate the delays and uncertainties associated with outsourcing by taking control of the prototyping and production process yourself. Iterate faster, accelerate your learning curve, and speed up your journey from concept to production.

Reliability and precision in every cycle

Engineered for consistent performance, our machine ensures high repeatability and replicability every time you operate it. Whether you're running a single part or multiple batches, you can count on uniformity in all the parts produced.

Mayku Multiplier

A suite of industrial grade thermoforming materials

Custom Mode - How to use custom materials

Using Custom Mode, the Multiplier can learn any new type of thermoformable sheet in a matter of minutes. Hundreds of profiles can be saved directly to the machine for future use, making it simple to use materials from any supplier. You can also edit saved profiles after you have made them.

Technical specifications

Height 420mm
Length 585mm (with handles)
Width 515mm
Forming bed 400mm (L) × 400mm (W) x 160mm (H)
Weight 68kg (boxed)
Power Supply Input 110 240V, 12A/6A (Single Phase)
Max Power 1500W
Maximum pressure 4.1 bar/60 psi (Dome), 12 Bar/175 psi (Tank)
Frequency 2.4GHz
LCD Resolution 720x720
Operating / storage temperature +5 to +40°C
Connectivity WiFi
Forming area 400mm (W) x 160mm (H)
Max template volume 3500cm3 / 214in3

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The Mayku Multiplier