Its work that matters.

At 3DGBIRE, our vision is that 3D printing contributes to solving the BIG problems OUR world is facing.
Our goal is to disrupt the Additive Manufacturing industry with the successful integration of 3DP into a business’s
entire workflow, with the assistance & support of the 3DGBIRE team. With a technical support department, training facility,
3D business development specialists, we aim to provide a 360-degree service. There is something special about knowing your
hard work and talent are to develop the Additive Manufacturing for Industry revolution.

My Journey

Jack Broughton
Technical Support Manager

"I’m Jack Broughton and I first came to Ultimaker to purchase a 3d printer to aid with my studies at university and also for use in my many many hobbies such as drone flying/racing, remote control vehicles, gadgets and gizmos. So the passion for 3d printing happened before even starting to work at the company. Since then the passion has increased dramatically with the number of different applications people are doing with 3D printers/scanners and materials. development. With 3DGBIRE we are keen to share those things with you and With my role as technical support and Inventory manager, we are always looking to provide the best possible support and service on the items we currently sell.

As a keen Kiteboarder, I am always looking to push the boundaries of what is possible. This also transfers to the 3D printing industry as here at 3DGBIRE myself and my team are always looking at new printers, materials and applications and how these can be implemented into different uses within any industry."

Jack Broughton Technical Support Manager
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