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Our courses are designed to take you from complete novice to an expert user of 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, Software and materials.  Being able to install, operate and solve technical issues without the need for a technician.

There are 3 types of training:

Online Video Training - £100+VAT

Giving you all the basic skills to hit the ground running. This 2 hour course covers; Software, Workflow, Maintenance, Troubleshooting and is packed full of great tips to ensure your first few weeks and months with your 3D Printing System are productive and don’t become frustrating.

Half Day Certified Training from £500+VAT

Become a certified user with our half day workshops. Best practice is covered for Materials, Maintenance, Basic Repairs, Upgrades and Advanced Software. A deeper understanding of both the hardware and software is essential for anyone who wants to achieve the best print quality and push the limits of their 3D Printing System. Our experts will help to tailor the course for your requirements.  

Full Day Certified Training from £1000+VAT

Giving you all the knowledge required to become a 3D printing ‘Master'. Optimisation for; Software, Materials, Hardware, Troubleshooting, Designing for 3D Printing and Post Processing. This full day workshop is designed to help you push the boundaries of what is possible with 3D Printing and is essential for anyone who wants to inspire others to engage with this exciting technology.


3DGBIRE is the premium service provider for the desktop 3D printer world. By offering high quality products and customer focused service, sales and technical support we will ensure that everybody has the resources they need to unleash their creative potential. 3DGBIRE is the official technical support and warranty cover provider for Ultimaker in GB & Ire with Ultimaker Pro Trained staff. We want to share our knowledge and value your feedback