Pro | High Tensile Resin | White | 5kg

Pro | High Tensile Resin | White | 5kg

Pro | High Tensile Resin | White | 5kg

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High Tensile daylight photopolymers have been created for producing hard objects with a high tensile strength. Objects cannot be bent or compressed easily. The printed parts will exhibit exceptional tensile strength and elongation comparable to that of acrylic and polyimide. The rigid parts produced show minimal shrinkage possible, along with great accuracy. Daylight High Tensile provides excellent imaging in your desktop Liquid Crystal printer. You will experience the benefits of fast exposure times and a wide exposure latitude, allowing you to hold the finest details your machine can provide. The solid material is strong, durable and long lasting provided it is stored in dry conditions away from strong UV light.


  • Engineering Parts
  • Consumer Goods
  • Thermoforming Models

Note: Only compatible with Liquid Crystal Printers. NOT compatible with DLP or Laser printers.

Technical Information


(At 25‚°C Brookfield spindle 3)

980 cPs



ASTM D638(After post exposure)

92 Shore D


Tensile Strength

ASTM D638 (Before post exposure)

81 MPa


Elongation at break




Heat deflection temp

ASTM D648‚ 



10 <t> 50‚°C


Data Sheets

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