Peek Isolator Ultimaker Original Series

Peek Isolator Ultimaker Original Series

Peek Isolator Ultimaker Original Series

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This is an injection moulded, glass filled PEEK part, made to our specification to be used for a hybrid material extruder. It is made so that you can insert a Teflon/PFA tube, ideal for Bowden extruder, but also great for any other extruder because you can use a piece of Teflon inserted into this insulator. This allows for better printing with PLA, which tends to require a low friction and slightly flexible material to prevent jamming. This part is compatible with the complete Ultimaker Original and Ultimaker Original+.


This part is also included in the Hot End v2 bundle. It's one of the essential parts for trouble free extrusion. PEEK is a thermoplast that is stable at very high temperatures, common applications include aerospace and other high pressure high-temperature applications. Because this PEEK is part glass filled, it has a higher thermal stability than most machined PEEK parts you can buy. Properties of the PEEK material:

  • High temperature resistance of 285C

  • Excellent toughness with high rigidity and fatigue resistance

  • Self-lubrication, wear resistance, has the best slide performance in all the plastics

  • Can be used in the requirement of low coefficient of friction

  • Excellent resistance to hydrolysis

  • Excellent chemical resistance, similar to nickel steel

  • Resistance to radiation (the last thing you want during a nuclear war is your extruder failing on you!)