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KODAK Portrait 3D Printer

The new standard for €œdesktop€� professional 3D printing.

Built for productivity

The KODAK Portrait 3D Printer is a reliable manufacturing system, capable of producing end-use parts in a wide variety...

KODAK Portrait 3D Printer

The new standard for €œdesktop€� professional 3D printing.

Built for productivity

The KODAK Portrait 3D Printer is a reliable manufacturing system, capable of producing end-use parts in a wide variety of materials. Its solid steel structure, quality components and careful design result in a high uptime with low maintenance costs.

Reliability in engineering materials

Only a fully enclosed environment with all-steel components and a lifting dual-extrusion system can ensure good performance when using high-temperature polymers. The Kodak boasts a HEPA filter with activated carbon to ensure clean air and a safe environment.

A professional 3D printing platform

Experience free access to the KODAK 3D Cloud, an IT-compliant printer management software powered by 3DPrinterOS which includes advanced print viewing systems.



Visit the Kodak 3D Printing website

It€™s safe

For usage in offices or educational institutions, the enclosed chamber with air filtration prevents toxic particles or unwanted odors from coming out of the printer, while keeping fingers away from hot moving parts.

It€™s solid

A stable all-steel structure in a closed environment capable of monitoring temperature accounts for a repeatable 3D printing experience.

It€™s connected

Access our management platform via Wi-Fi or the LAN port to slice online, monitor your prints, run a print farm and receive over-the-air updates, among other functionalities.

It€™s versatile

Our dual extrusion with automatic nozzle lifting includes swappable PTFE or all-metal hot-ends for optimal performance with each material.

The KODAK 3D Cloud

We strongly recommend using the KODAK 3D Cloud due to its many advantages, including being able to share the printer and to monitor the process remotely. The 3D printer is connected via WiFi or via the Ethernet port to a local area network that has internet connectivity, and then it is shared to an account you create on cloud.smart3d.tech. Being able to share printers solves many problems. The shared printer can be managed remotely, using a browser and the printer€™s camera, through which you can monitor the object being printed. Imagine a school or company that has several KODAK Portrait 3D Printers and can now do the following with them:

  • Place them in a secure place where they can be operated 24x7 in a controlled environment (heat, electrical supply, access) by anyone, possibly very far away.
  • Have an administrator share these printers with the users but only for the duration of a project.
  • A user can upload his/her creation to the cloud and prepare it using the optimal slicing parameters provided by experts, tuned to each type of filament.
  • Users can securely share both the source objects and the sliced objects via the cloud, organized in folders, ideal for working in teams or projects.
  • Repair defective objects (a common problem with STL files) using the tools in the cloud. You can arrange multiple objects or copies of your object, change their scale and orientation, and share them with others, without installing any software or even requiring the use of a PC.
  • Print objects and monitor them via the camera, while capturing a time-lapse movie of the print, which you can later keep or share with others. You don€™t have to be physically close to the printer in order to use it, it could be in another building or another country.
  • Queue objects to be printed later. This is particularly useful for shared printers and for keeping them working during off-hours, so fewer printers can be used by more users.

Kodak 3D Cloud


 Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

Build volume

 200 x 200 x 235 mm (7.9 x 7.9 x 9.3€�)



Print head

 Dual extrusion with automatic nozzle lifting

Print core replacement


Hotend material

 1 all-metal, 1 PTFE

Nozzle diameter

 0.4 mm

Nozzle temperature

 Up to 295 ºC

Build plate

 Heated mirror attached by magnets,

Build plate temperature

 Up to 105ºC

Calibration and leveling


Filament diameter

 1.75 mm

Layer resolution

 0.4mm nozzle: 20 - 250 micron

XYZ accuracy

 12.5, 12.5, 2.5 micron

XY motion

 Linear bearings, 16mm

Z motion

 Precision ballscrew, 12mm

Air filtration

 HEPA filter with activated carbon

Filament runout sensor



 5€� 800x480 color touchscreen

Print controller

32 bit

Processing unit

 Raspberry Pi 3

UI languages

 English, Spanish, French, Italian


 Wi-Fi, LAN, USB drive, Cloud Printer Management


 Live camera

Light signals

 indicating printer status

Physical dimensions

 455 x 435 x 565 mm

Dimensions with spool holders

 455 x 530 x 565 mm

Net weight

 24,4 kg

Shipping weight

 35,1 kg

Shipping box dimensions

 560 x 530 x 730 mm

Power requirements Input

 110/230V - Auto Switching, 50-60Hz 320W max.

Power requirements Output

 14 V DC

Operating ambient temperature

 10 - 30 ºC

Supplied software

 Cloud management software powered by 3DPrinterOS

Supported OS

 MacOS, Windows, Linux

File types

 3DS, 3MF, AMF, OBJ, and STL

Supported materials

 KODAK 3D Printing Filaments ABS, Flex 98, HIPS, Nylon 6, Nylon 12, PLA+, PLA Tough, PETG, and PVA


 2 filament cases, toolkit

State Of The Art Training

Our courses are designed to take you from complete novice to an expert user of 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, Software and materials. Being able to install, operate and solve technical issues without the need for a technician.

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