Full Day Certified Training
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Ultimaker Full Day Certified Training

Become a certified Ultimaker advanced user with our Full Day Training. Push the boundaries of what is possible with your Ultimaker 3D printer.

This course comes with a training manual so you have a reference guide after the training session.


  • Designing for 3D Printing
    • 3D Printing is not the next industrial revolution but it is a design revolution. Learn how to apply simple Design Thinking processes to achieve the highest quality concept models, jigs, fixtures, fittings, parts and low volume products.
  • Advanced Materials
    • Advances in 3D printing materials are being made at an incredible rate. Developments in existing thermoplastics such as PLA mean that print speeds can be more than two times quicker with the right products and knowhow. Developments in an ever expanding list of engineering grade materials from Nylon to PolyCarbonate to PolyPropylene also lead to new possibilities. We cover a spectrum of materials then tailor this aspect of the course to your requirements.
  • Advanced Software
    • Increasing print speeds and strength or reducing material usage are valuable when budget and time are a concern. We delve into the finer side of slicing models. Cura has over 250 standard operating controls and limitless possibility behind the hood. We cover the do and don'ts then tailor this aspect of the course to your requirements.
  • Post Processing
    • You can save more time, increase strength, durability and achieve the perfect final model by applying traditional and modern finishing techniques to your prints. This module covers simple processes for different print materials, how to combine materials and how to utilise some of the exotic filaments on the market.