Filamentive ABS (rABS) White Filament - 2.85mm

Filamentive ABS (rABS) White Filament - 2.85mm

Filamentive ABS (rABS) White Filament - 2.85mm

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Recycled. Redefined. Revolutionary.

ABS is a common 3D printer filament, famous for its strength. However, ABS is also infamous for warping, having a strong odour whilst printing, and being generally environmentally unfriendly. Filamentive has changed this rABS is actually only 60% ABS, making it less impactful on the environment. We have also ensured that the material has minimal warping, as well as excellent adhesion both interlayer and to the heated bed. Containing only 60% ABS does not compromise its mechanical properties; Filamentive rABS has enhanced strength compared to regular ABS. The ideal material if you require strong, lightweight parts, that are impact resistant.

      Technical Information

      • Recommended printing temperature: 240-260‚°C
      • Recommended heated bed temperature: ~ 75-80‚°C
      • Storage: Cool and dry conditions, ideally ~20‚°C
      • Please note: rABS can still produce some fumes so print in a well-ventilated area
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