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MD Flex is an innovative Nanocomposite developed with a high quality TPU98A and a patented, scientifically validated and highly effective Nano-Copper additive. This unique combination of technologies brings the following characteristics to our products:

  • Antibacterial action has been scientifically validated eliminating more than 99.99% of fungi, viruses, bacteria and a wide range of microorganisms.
  • Clinically tested in prosthesis for amputees with excellent results. it's also ideal for the manufacture of other medical applications where it’s dangerous to have bacterial contamination, such as postoperative prostheses, wound dressing and orthopedic insoles.
  • Antibacterial properties confirmed by two microbiology laboratories in Chile and USA.
    PLACTIVE™ is a FDA Registered Material and EU compliant (No. 10/2011 and No. 2023/2006).
    The manufacturer also has certification ISO 9001/2015 and is REACH compliant.
  • The Nano-Additive maintains all the mechanical properties of the TPU98A material like strong & flexibility, high heat resistance (138°C), 450% elongation at break and easy to print at vel. >75mm/s
  • MD1 Flex it’s also has a food contact clearance No. 1935/2004.





Description Testmethod Typical value
Specific gravity ISO 1183 1,16 g/cc
Tensile Strength at Yield ISO 527 1/2 50 Mpa
Elongation-Strain at Break ISO 527 1/2 450%
Tensile (E) modulus ISO 527 150 MPa
Impact Strength Charpy method 23°C ISO 179 NB
Shore Hardness ISO 7619-1 98A
Printing temperature DF 235±10°C
Melting temp. ISO 294 225°C
Glass transition (Tg) DSC -16°C
Vicat softening temperature ASTM D 1525 138˚C
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