BondTech Dual Extruder

BondTech Dual Extruder

BondTech Dual Extruder

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After the launch of Pro2 Series, many Customers asked us about the possibility to upgrade from their N-series printer to the Pro2. As‚ Raise3D mentioned earlier, upgrading N-Series printers to the Pro2 would be unrealistic, as they are essentially different printers. However, after analyzing this internally,‚ Raise3D concluded that
there are some components that can be upgraded for the N-series‚ to enhance your printing experience.‚ 

This is one of the components that can be upgraded on the N-series

Installation Guide


Dual gear direct-drive extruder - 4ƒ€” increased torque performance.

Better grip. No slipping. Lightweight.

Estimated time for installation: 30 minutes


  1. Stronger and more stable feeding performance
  2. Lighter weight and Faster Printing speed
  3. Higher and consistent printing quality
  4. Better adoption for flexible materials
  5. Quick Upgrade
  6. Better tech support from leading manufacturer