Innofil ABS Fusion⁺ Natural White Filament - 2.85mm

Innofil ABS Fusion⁺ Natural White Filament - 2.85mm

Innofil ABS Fusion⁺ Natural White Filament - 2.85mm

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Natural White ABS Fusion⁺ (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) 0.75kg. 2.85mm diameter and approximately 90m long

ABS Fusion made with Polyscope XILOYTM 3D is an engineering filament which has been optimized for 3D-printing.

In collaboration with Polyscope Polymers from the Netherlands, Innofil3D developed an ABS filament which is engineered for 3D-printing. Polyscope offers solutions for enhancing the performance of various engineering plastics like ABS by adding Styrene Maleic Anhydride (SMA) which provides benefits such as high heat resistance and high dimensional stability.


The majority of the ABS filaments available on the market are primarily general purpose injection moulding grades. This has an adverse effect on the material properties and usability of these FDM filaments and doesn’t allow the end-user to reap the full potential of 3D-printing. With ABS Fusion⁺ Innofil3D offers an engineering filament which is optimized for 3D-printing.

Reasons to choose Innofil ABS Fusion⁺

  • Improving the bed adhesion, which resulted in direct printing on glass without any fluids or tape
  • Low warping, which improves the usability and repeatability
  • Adhesion to water-soluble support, so users can easily dispose of the support.

    Technical Information

    Due to the use of Styrene in this copolymer we recommend using this only in a ventilated space. The high temperatures required, coupled with its shrinkage when cooling put ABS in the expert user bracket. ABS can also have a slight odour when printing so a well-ventilated room is recommended, please note that it has no odour when the print is finished.

    To achieve the best results we recommend using an enclosure or cover.

    Data Sheets

    Download Technical Data Sheet

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