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EinScan Accessories

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  • EinScan Pro2X Colour Pack

    The colour pack is an additional module that consists of a camera and allows your 3D scanner EinScan Pro2X or EinScan Pro2X+ to perform colour scans. The external camera attaches to the scanner and is...
  • EinScan Pro2X Industrial Pack

    The EinScan-Pro2X Industrial Pack consists of the tripod and turntable. In combination with your EinScan-Pro2X or EinScan Pro2X+ 3D scanner, you can make the most detailed and complex scans that...
  • EinScan Pro2X+ HD Prime Pack

    EinScan HD Prime Pack works with EinScan-Pro+ increasing the scanning speed and level of details under handheld HD scan mode. Enable markers-free alignment in handheld HD scan mode. It accelerates...
  • EinScan-S Tripod Add-On

    The maximum scan envelope with the EinScan-S is increased to 700x700x700mm with the tripod add-on. The product is designed specifically for the EinScan-S to enable you to explore the free-scan...
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