Metal Discovery Day with Ultimaker & Meltio

3DGBIRE were extremely proud to host our first in-person industry event of the year at our tech centre in Chorley on Tuesday 7th March. 

The Metal Additive Manufacturing Showcase featured live presentations and product demonstrations from industry experts including Ultimaker Engineer Andrea Gasperini and our Meltio expert Mike Mead.

During the course of the day, we had a closer look at the Ultimaker Expansion Kit and how it can be adopted to print functional steel parts, at a fraction of the cost of other metal production methods. We also unveiled how it can unlock massive possibilities to open up a wider range of potential applications.

Metal Discovery Day

Our additive manufacturing expert Mike Mead provided a deeper dive into the turn-key metal 3D printing solution, the Meltio M450 and how users can produce high-density metal parts in a single-step process on a very compact footprint.

A full introduction to Meltio and their cutting-edge wire LMD technology was provided including a showcase of some real-life applications as well as how the Meltio Engine can be integrated with a CNC or robot arm for large and complex 3D printing, part replacement and component repair.

The event provided expert insight from a range of disciplines exploring the very latest developments in additive manufacturing. We provided attendees with all the relevant information to evaluate, adopt or optimise 3D printing and additive manufacturing within their business. 


 “I’d like to thank 3DGBIRE for reaching out and inviting ourselves to the Ultimaker and Meltio event. There has been some valuable learnings taken from the day that I believe will help our processes and improve the reliability of our equipment.

It has also given us some ideas how we would like to bring in some of the new technologies into our workplace, to develop, repair and improve equipment components and potentially reduce equipment downtime.” – Steve Deegan, Maintenance Technician at 3M Science.


Metal Discovery Day

Our team also demonstrated 3D scanning technology and showcased how it could be used to improve the efficiency of high-quality 3D modeling. We also provided further detail into the high resolution and accuracy provided to meet the needs of most industrial applications for reverse engineering and measuring. 

The metal event was designed to ensure attendees develop a 360-degree understanding of the potential of these amazing technologies to help increase utilisation at all stages of the design, engineering and manufacturing process.

We have received a lot of positive feedback from those that attended and can't wait to invite our customers back for our upcoming events that will be taking place later in the year.

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