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  • 3D Verkstan Ultimaker Toolkit

    A toolkit with all the tools that facilitate printing and easier maintenance. The bag contains: An angled pair of nippers for cutting the filament A precision rod for trimming models...
  • Blue tape - 3M Scotch

    2090 Blue tape - 3M Scotch  Only needed for the Ultimaker Original 36mm x 50m This blue 3M Scotch tape makes sure your 3D print adheres to the platform properly....
    From £12.00
  • Cartridge Pack

    Discov3ry Cartridge Packs enable the flexibility of BYOM (Bring Your Own Material) 3D Printing. Features 6x - 60cc Locking Syringes 6x - 2' Food Safe Tubing 6x - Male Tubing Connector...
  • Dimafix Can

    Dimafix Can Dimafix is a spray tailored for 3D printers with FFF technology and Heated Bed. It provides great grip between plastic and glass, so warping is not a problem even...
  • Dimafix Pen

    Dimafix Pen Dimafix Pen (90ml) is a new product based on Dimafix formula. Maintains the same adhesion properties of Dimafix spray format but in dabber liquid format. It has long been...
  • Discov3ry Unit

    The Discov3ry is an affordable paste extruder that can easily be added to almost any existing 3D printer. It will expand the range of materials beyond molten plastic, to include...
  • Grease

    Scathel of grease
  • Heater Cartridge

    The heater cartridge is being used to heat your hot end. This part is compatible with the Ultimaker Original and Ultimaker 2 Series. Ultimaker Original Series The heater cartridge is...
    From £30.00
  • Hex Screwdriver 2mm

    Hex Screwdriver 2mm for Ultimaker 3D Printers
  • Hot End Isolator Ultimaker 2 Series

    This is the Ultimaker 2 hot end isolator. It is the connection between the PTFE coupler and the nozzle + heater block. It is also included in the Ultimaker 2...
  • Hot End Pack Ultimaker 2 Series

    This is the Ultimaker 2 hot end bundle. This bundle is ONLY compatible for the Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker 2 Go and Ultimaker 2 Extended and contains: The integrated nozzle +...
  • Integrated Nozzle Heater Block

    This is the Ultimaker 2 integrated nozzle + heater block for 3mm filament. This part is also included in the Ultimaker 2 hot end bundle. It has a 0.4mm diameter....
  • Low Viscosity Oil

    We recommend this product for lubricating the axes of your Ultimaker. When you notice small ridges on the surfaces of your 3D printed objects or feel that the X and...
  • Olsson Ruby Nozzle 1.75mm | 0.4mm

    ONE NOZZLE FOR ALL MATERIALS The Olsson Ruby will work with a huge range of materials. PLA, ABS, CPE/PET, Nylon, and composites with abrasive additives such as Carbon fibre, Steel,...
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