Optimise your production lines: 3D printed prototypes can save money and minimise risk

Tap into the power of 3D printing for prototyping and go to market with new products faster and with more confidence. Evaluate designs, check shape and form, test prototypes, and gauge user response. As often and as quickly as you need.

You can save thousands on the initial prototyping process of all parts, by creating new design iterations in a matter of hours, and efficiently test designs before sending them to a manufacturer for final production.

What's Possible?

  • Functional prototypes for testing: Create functional prototypes using the Ultimaker S5, to test features and get immediate feedback.
  • Reliability for steady production: Your in-house Ultimaker S5 can run for hours and sometimes days at a time, which means that you're able to cycle through as many iterations as needed to ensure overall success of the final product.
  • Design flexibility for alterations: The possibility of unlimited product iterations means that you can design and redesign products to suit customer needs, constantly improving for the best possible results.
  • Enhanced startup productivity: With functional prototypes you can enhance productivity in a startup environment, discovering possible production barriers and coming up with solutions through design iterations. 

Get the most out of product development

How designers and engineers are accelerating prototyping

Concept directions

The future is now. Evaluate as many early-stage ideas and designs in a matter of hours, at minimal costs and with an almost Labour-free experience.

Shape and form

Check sizes, shapes, and proportions again and again, until you get it right. Eliminate any potential production bottlenecks or design flaws for  highly accurate, customised parts.

Functional prototypes

The smartest and most cost effective way to evaluate, design and fit under real-life conditions.  3D printing has revolutionised prototyping decreasing the time of production to hours and the costs of prototypes to fractions.

Shape and Form
Functional Prototypes

Success story examples


When BOSE launched its build-it-yourself BOSEbuild Headphones, it needed to implement rapid prototyping to accelerate its product-testing process. Prototype printing was the solution. Read the case study

ABB Robotics

ABB Robotics slashed lead times and prototyping costs with 3D printing. Weeks to hours. Hundreds of euros to tens. One feasibility test a month to five. Watch the video.


Sylatech can offer its customers a cost- effective prototyping solution. Whereas the tooling process would take about 3-4 weeks to complete, a 3D print can be undertaken within a matter of hours. Watch the video