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Meltio M600

Enhance your manufacturing potential by integrating blue lasers, a spacious build area, and a fully inert chamber to optimize material properties. With enhanced process control, advanced sensors, and real-time monitoring, printing has never been more effortless, enabling you to maintain consistent production round the clock.

To find out how you can implement Meltio's technology into your business and returning results immediately, contact our 3DGBIRE team. Our knowledge of integrating additive manufacturing into different industries and applications is second to none. We’d love to hear about your project and help you find the right solution.

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The All-in-one Printing Platform.

The Meltio M600 enables the printing of either large parts or a series of small parts in succession, all at once. It offers enhanced process control to ensure stability and repeatability throughout the printing process.

Production Ready

Larger components, increased deposition speed, broader material compatibility, inert printing environment, reduced maintenance requirements, and integrated work holding solutions.

Easy to Use

Reduced operator involvement due to advanced sensor technology, user-friendly interface, specialized slicing software, and zero-point clamping system.


Improved wire feeding mechanism, fiber-free deposition nozzle, upgraded process control systems, and a host of additional functionalities.

Reduced Maintenance

The newly engineered deposition head eliminates the necessity for laser alignment, while enhancements to the motion system guarantee optimal longevity.

Blue is the new green.

The Meltio M600 allows to printing of large parts or a batch of small parts in a row, simultaneously. Improved process control for stability and repeatibility.

Blue Light

Light with a wavelength of 450 nanometers enhances energy absorption and increases printing efficiency across the spectrum of metal materials.

No Calibration

It comes pre-aligned from the factory to ensure optimal printing repeatability and minimal maintenance requirements.

Hotwire Compatible

The deposition head is designed to be used with an optional hotwire supply, enhancing the deposition rate and expanding the range of materials that can be processed.

High Efficiency

Significant reduction in energy consumption per component leads to a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective process.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (WxDxH): 1050 x 1150 x 1950 mm
Print Envelope (WxDxH): 300 x 400 x 600 mm
System Weight: 800-1000 kg (depending on options)
Movement System Servo Motor Linear axis with Absolute encoder on all axis
Filtration System 3 Stage Particulate and Chemical Filtration included
Environmental Control Control O2 and Humidity level
Laser Type: 9x Direct Diode Lasers
Laser Wavelength: 450 nm (blue)
Total Laser Power: 1000 W
Power Input: 400 V Three Phase
Power Consumption: 4 – 6 kW Peak depending on selected options
Process Control: Closed-loop, Laser and Wire Modulation
Touch Probe Automated XYZ Touch Probe integrated
Enclosure: Laser-safe, Controlled inert atmosphere
Interface: USB, Ethernet, WiFi
Cooling: Active water-cooled chiller included
Wire Feedstock Diameter: 0.8 – 1.2 mm
Wire Feedstock Spool: BS300 or Wire drums

Wire Materials

Stainless Steels: Excellent strength and corrosion resistance.
Mild Steels: Cheap and ductile, with unparalleled machinability and weldability.
Carbon Steels: High impact strength, retain hardness at high temperatures.
Titanium Alloys: Highest strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance.
Nickel Alloys: High versatility, outstanding heat and corrosion resistance.
Copper & Aluminum: Conductivity and corrosion resistance & lightweight strength. Parameters under development

Upgrades and Accessories

Hot Wire Programmable power supply that preheats the material to increase the deposition rate
Exteral Wire Drum Connection Connect external wire drums to the M600, allowing the use of 100kg and 200kg material packs
Multi-wire :This option allows for sequential 3D Printing of up to 4 materials with very fast automatic wire switches
Zero Point Clamping System Accurately and quickly couple fixture plates to the print bed of the M600 for production

Meltio M600 Applications

DM Combustion Chamber

Inconel 718 + Copper

Size: 131 x 200 x 176 mm
Weight: 6.4 kg
Print Cost: £587.01


Size: 153 x 345 x 275 mm
Weight: 18.6 kg
Print Cost: £440.60


Size: 260 mm Ø x 500 mm
Weight: 25 kg
Print Cost: £408.87

Software Partner Ecosystem

Meltio Horizon, our exclusive slicer, provides a personalised experience for our plug-and-play metal 3D printer, the Meltio M450. It comes equipped with custom-developed Meltio print and material profiles, tailored to the printer's unique features.

Use Case

3D printing isn't just expanding in metal fabrication; it's also advancing in construction. Entire houses can now be constructed with precise deposition of specially formulated concrete mixtures.

Meltio Materials

Meltio's Laser Metal Deposition process delivers outstanding material mechanical properties, utilising both single and dual wire options. Choose the perfect welding wire for your specific application: from a limitless array of third-party commodity materials to Meltio Wire Materials, ensuring a secure user experience.

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Our knowledge of integrating additive manufacturing into different industries and applications is second to none.
We’d love to hear about your project and help you find the right solution.

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