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Developed to meet the demands of the real world, this is the leading industrial product in 3D printing for advanced manufacturing. XSTRAND® high performance composite filaments print products with superior strength, dynamic temperature resistance, and extreme durability.

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Industry and Tooling

Manufacture on demand with XSTRAND® filaments. XSTRAND® filaments makes it possible to design, print, and make modifications to parts and tools on site. XSTRAND® GF30-PA6 ensures high performance, thermal stability and wear resistance for all your manufacturing and prototyping needs.

Industrial Tooling
Small Appliance

Electronics and Small Appliances

Quick prototyping, testing, and custom design with an industrial grade material. Customize small scale production for new parts or rapidly prototype parts for testing.

Xstrand® Filament Range

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions that people ask us often. If you have any additional questions contact us and we will quickly get in touch with you to resolve them.

PA - 240 - 260°C
If using adhesive solution (packaging tape, HDPE bed, etc.), much lower in the range of 30-50°C

Industrial usage including tools, fixtures, heavy duty replacement parts.
Sport and leisure parts.
Electronics and appliance parts, and many others.

On the ulti-maker, we have 2,432 hours of successful prints with GF-30 PP and GF-30 PA6 using the same tool steel nozzle.

The GF-30 PA6 feels a little rougher and the GF-30 PP is silkier.

This is linked to the Heat Temperature Deflection Test. We chose the highest ISO standard value at 1.8MPa and both materials standard specimen is handling 120°C in temperature. For this standard test, material are conditioned 48h at 23°C and 50% moisture air before the test. However, this is a general value that is totally dependent to the part geometry.

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