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Meltio M450 Maintenance & Warranty Service Contract

3D Metal Deposition Technology

Meltio has come to the market to bring a solution for all industries that have been waiting for years for a reliable and cost-effective solution for additive manufacturing with metals.

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What does it include?

Installation & Maintenance, 3 x Full Day Training

This package consists of a full day Installation, This will ensure a successful Meltio set up, calibration and operational ready to maximise its potential from day one. 3 Days training - This will cover everything you need to know. From starting your first print to optimising settings to maximise machine throughput. Maintenance package - 2 service visits over the initial 12 month period.

  • Meltio Theory, Hybrid Manufacturing and Near Net Shape Production
  • This covers how the machine works, the creation of a melt pool from multiple lasers and how the wire and powder combinations are used to create a part. The session will cover near net shape manufacture and that parts are not designed to be left as an additive finish but are designed as part of a tooling workflow as both a time and money saving element
  • Health and Safety, Machine Features and Feature Awareness
  • This will cover ventilation, end stop checks and safe usage
  • Start of pre-loaded Meltio Print "The Cube" 40 minute metal print
  • External ancillaries before the start of preloaded Meltio sample Print:
  • Machine Operation
  • Interface
  • Error Messages
  • Materials
  • Build-plates
  • Calibrate machine lasers
  • Chiller
  • Argon
  • Nozzles
  • Material feeds - all inputs into the machine
  • Show test print, analyse results and note any areas of required improvement
Meltio M450 Open
  • Recap of Machine operation, start second print "The Piston Block"
  • Monitor Steps
  • How to monitor a print, what to look for and how to fix common errors
  • Software | Simplify3D And MELTIO M450 Collaborations - explanation & understanding
  • Setting up job profiles
  • Machine Profiles and Machine Macros - explanation of simplify3D profiles and their relation to the macros on the machine
  • Users can Create a Macros and store it showing how to alter and tailor for each loaded material
Meltio M450 Side View
  • Optimisation
  • G-Code Editing (how to edit code as part of optimisation)
  • Pause and Resume
  • Preventative Maintenance
Meltio M450

Meltio M450

Here are just a few key features of what makes the Meltio M450 so great

Laser Metal Deposition Head

Our technology allows us to have a basic head and a high power by adding a greater number of lasers which gives us greater robustness. Having several lasers gives us more flexibility and does not require prisms to achieve a conical beam.

3D Material

We use commodity materials in MIG (metal wire) format. Ease of local provisioning by the customer and reduced costs. Wide variety of materials from carbon steels, stainless steels, inconel, titanium, aluminum, copper to new alloys created by the customer.

Digital version of the Meltio M450


Easy to use by personnel without previous knowledge of metal printing. With its own software designed for Meltio’s metal deposition laser technology along with industrial touch display you can convert .stl or .step files to gcode simply using Simplify 3D.

Metal 3D Printed Parts 100% dense and Ready to Use

Our technology is currently the only one on the market capable of printing 100% dense 3D parts with the highest level of automation and autonomy with the lowest investment and production costs

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3DGBIRE is the official AM after sales and support partner for the UK and Ireland for all of our partnering manufacturers. When choosing one of our extended warranties, the best service and support for your 3D Printer is guaranteed.


  • Warranty cover of parts from the date of installation for 12 months
  • All mechanical, electric and electronic parts of the machine, except for parts showing normal wear-out or those which had been damaged as the result of wrongfully use or grossnegligence
  • All labour costs for the fitting of parts
  • All collection & delivery charges
  • Preventative maintenance | 2 Site visits per year from an engineer
  • Lifetime expert telephone & email support - Response communication in 24 hours (business working hours) via our support ticketing system. Issues related to part designing and manufacturing or 3D printing materials advisory are not included
Item Included in Warranty Included in Premium Warranty Included in Preventive Maintenance
Load Cell yes yes review
Arm Motor yes yes no
Motor X yes yes no
Motor Y yes yes no
Motor Z yes yes no
Arm Belt yes yes review
Belt X yes yes review
Belt Y yes yes review
Assembly X Linear Guides yes yes review
Assembly Y Linear Guides yes yes review
Assembly Z Linear Guides yes yes review
Z Axis Ball Screw yes yes review
Z Axis Shaft Coupling yes yes review
Feeder Shaft Coupling yes yes review
Z Drivers yes yes no
Arm Drivers yes yes no
Right Feeder Drivers yes yes no
Left Feeder Drivers yes yes no
Head Feeder Drivers yes yes no
Webcam yes yes no
Nozzle Cover consumable no only part yes Spool Holder Set yes yes yes
Laser 200 W yes yes no
Fiber Laser 2 m* no yes review
Chiller yes yes no
Wire Guide yes yes review
Inert gas box yes yes review
Display yes yes no
Tempered Glass Door yes yes no
Main PCB yes yes no
Security PCB yes yes no
Laser PCB yes yes no
Inert gas PCB yes yes no
Relay PCB yes yes no
Optical Assembly no no no
Colimator** no yes review
Internal Computer Set yes yes no
Item Included in Warranty Included in Premium Warranty Included in Preventive Maintenance
Feeder Pulleys no only part yes
Oxygen Sensor no only part yes
Small Build Plate 12 mm AISI-304 no no yes
Medium Build Plate 12 mm AISI-304 no no yes
Large Build Plate 12 mm AISI-304 no no yes
Small Build Plate 20 mm AISI-304 no no yes
Medium Build Plate 20 mm AISI-304 no no yes
Large Build Plate 20 mm AISI-304 no no yes
Platform spare part yes yes review 0.8 mm nozzle no no yes
1 mm nozzle consumable no no yes 1.2 mm nozzle no no yes
Spool no no no
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