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Manufacturing and Engineering

With so many groundbreaking applications for 3D printing within the manufacturing and engineering industries it is tough to know where to start, but here are four application examples that not only saved businesses time and money, but changed the entire business for the better…

Manufacturing and Engineering

How can 3D Printing help?

3D printed Ultimaker ABS nozzle


3D printing has played a key role in the manufacturing process for years in the form of rapid prototyping. Recent developments in hardware and materials have meant that end use parts, jigs, tools and fixtures as well as models being used for moulds and casting are giving manufacturers more agility then ever before. The quality of print and the cost saving available in production mean that more manufacturing possibilities are available than ever before.



Thanks to the additional flexibility offered by additive techniques and increased capacity to go through iterations, new product development time has dramatically reduced and in some instances removed the requirement for expensive tooling. Many organisations have reported an increase in uptime by removing the requirement for external tools and having the capability to utilise a custom part to maximise productivity.


With the enhanced reliability, quality, cost and availability of technical support more manufacturers are confidently embracing the benefits of 3D printing and additive manufacturing. This allows organisations to focus more on customer requirements and better respond to market demands rather than dedicate an abundance of resources on supply chain management.


As Industry 4.0 technologies become more adopted the push for technological innovation in manufacturing becomes more essential. Whether it’s more personalised products to command higher value, more efficient production enabled by minimising down time or the capability to increase performance of manufactured parts thanks to increased design flexibility, additive manufacturing is allowing companies to differentiate like never before. Speak to our expert team and see hear case studies to see how you could be benefiting.

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