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Our courses are designed to take you from complete novice to an expert
user of 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, Software and materials. Being able to
install, operate and solve technical issues without the need for a technician.

Official Pro Training From UK Experts

Our training packages will take you from a complete novice to a 3D printing expert. Don't get left behind

Online training

2 Hour Skype Training Training

2 Hour Skype Training

£200 Exc VAT

The course covers: Set Up, Workflow, Maintenance, Troubleshooting and is packed full of great tips to ensure your first few weeks and months with your 3D printer are productive and don’t become frustrating

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Half Day Online Training

Half A Days Training

£350 Exc VAT


  • Breif introduction to the technology
  • Unboxing of the machine
  • Set up and Calibration of the printer
  • Printing sample file
  • Introduction to Slicing Software
  • Q&A
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Full Day Online Training

Full Days Training

£600 Exc VAT


  • In-depth introduction to the technology
  • Successful unboxing of the machine
  • Set up & calibration of the printer
  • Printing sample file
  • Introduction to Slicing Software
  • Advanced settings in slicing software
  • Industrial material selection
  • Machine preventative maintenance
  • Q&A
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Face to face training

Half Day

Half Day Certified Training*

£800 Exc VAT including expenses


  • Installation
  • Introduction to Hardware
  • Introduction to Software
  • Introduction to Materials
  • Introduction to Scanning
  • Introduction to Troubleshooting

Introduction to Hardware

  • Basic operation
  • Calibrations
  • Connectivity
  • Maintenance

Introduction to Materials

  • Intro to manufacturers materials
  • Optimising printing method for materials
  • Material application

Introduction to Software

  • Optimising printing for Speed/Strength/Quality
  • Optimising for 3DP

Introduction to Troubleshooting

  • Solve simple issues (i.e Blocked nozzle)
  • Misaligned prints
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Full Day

Full Day Certified Training*

£1500 Exc VAT including expenses


  • Installation
  • Introduction and familiarisation to Hardware
  • Introduction and familiarisation to Software
  • Introduction and familiarisation to materials
  • Introduction and familiarisation to scanning
  • Introduction and familiarisation to troubleshooting

Installation Training

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Materials
  • Scanning
  • Troubleshooting

Hardware Training

  • Basic operation
  • Optimal setup and configuration
  • Calibrations
  • Connectivity
  • Maintenance
  • Increasing Uptime

Materials Training

  • Intro to manufacturers materials
  • Optimising printing method for materials
  • Material application
  • A review of 3rd party materials/What is available on the market, Carbon filled, Glass fibre filled, Stainless Steel etc.
  • Key considerations of the materials
  • Optimising the process for the materials.


  • Introduction to Slicing
  • Optimising printing for Speed/Strength/Quality
  • Optimising for 3DP
  • Enhanced setting investigation, review of the Custom settings


  • Solve simple issues
  • Simple part replacements (where appropriate)
  • Preventative maintenance.
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*Please note while we try to conduct the training as soon as possible we advise a 14 day lead time for training delivery, please contact one of our advisors for more details. Become a certified, proficient user of any of the technologies that we sell with our Half Day Training. Maximise the potential of your 3D Printer, 3D Scanner or Software with one of our trained professionals.

As the Additive Manufacturing community and its knowledge base developments - we have found a need for our training packages to be ‘bespoke’ to the user/group of users’ knowledge level - This is absolutely possible. Please get in touch with training@3dgbire.com to personalise your training package if this is needed with the modules you would prefer to expand your knowledge within & those you are already familiar with.

What our customers say

'I have had really positive feedback about the training course Jack is 2 days of 3 through, so thank you. Sounds like the team have organised to hold the return visit on site, I will look to arrange a tour similar to what we did when you came first time Dan, should be interesting for Jack, and a good opportunity to get an expert eye on possible 3D components.'
Tom Oates, Heineken, North Yorkshire
'Jack was ace. He was patient with us and answered all the questions we had. The team especially liked the “informal” nature of the training, no death by power point, and more hands on, sat at the computers with Jack demonstrating on the big screen.
Jacks a real credit to 3DGBIRE and with people like him out demonstrating the products, you’re in safe hands.'
Carl Slater, James Walter LTD

Book in with our 3D experts

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3DGBIRE is the premium service provider for the desktop 3D printer world. By offering high quality products and customer focused service, sales and technical support we will ensure that everybody has the resources they need to unleash their creative potential. 3DGBIRE is the official technical support and warranty cover provider for Ultimaker in GB & Ire with Ultimaker Pro Trained staff. We want to share our knowledge and value your feedback

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