Ultimaker Print Core BB

Ultimaker Print Core BB

Ultimaker Print Core BB

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The‚ BB Print Cores‚ are available‚ in 0.4mm and 0.8mm nozzle sizes for the Ultimaker 3

Professional 3D printing just got more accessible. Maximize the print performance and machine uptime with our swappable, material-matching print cores. Make the most out of reliable build and support material combinations for geometric freedom or print in dual colour.‚ 


The Ultimaker 3 offers a seamless software, hardware and material integration for efficient workflow and consistent, high-quality results. Its cutting-edge dual-core print head comes with print cores for the build (AA) and support (BB) materials and unique auto-nozzle lifting system to ensure the most reliable dual extrusion printing for full complexity freedom.


Get consistent, high-quality 3D printing results with customized nozzle geometry per material, whether it's an engineering build material or soluble support.


Quickly swap print cores and switch between different material combinations for a more time-efficient workflow.

More materials

Select from a huge portfolio of materials, including Nylon, PLA, ABS, CPE and PVA; with CPE+, PC and TPU 95A coming soon.

Accurate temperature reading

Maintain the perfect temperature for an even better quality print ¢€š…¡‚ with automatic, accurate temperature readings.

Reliable and durable

Better 3D printing results, with a new silicone cover to stop filament leaking into the extruder.

Lifetime support

Wherever you are in the world, our officially trained and certified partners offer free support ¢€š…¡‚ guaranteed for a lifetime.

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Supported Materials

Supported Material Combinations‚ 

Build core BB: PVA is recommended, but also can use‚ PLA, ABS, CPE,‚ CPE+,‚ Nylon,‚ PC,‚ TPU95A & PP

The table‚ above shows all possible dual-extrusion material combinations for the Ultimaker 3

Supported Material Combinations