JCR 1000 3D Printer

JCR 1000 3D Printer

JCR 1000 3D Printer

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JCR 1000 is the industrial 3D printer developed by Grupo Sicnova to meet the demands of the industry in terms of printing volume, precision, reliability and variety of materials. With a double extruder of 1.75 mm and a closed and heated environment, it ensures reliable printing for industries and professionals of all kinds.


  • Industrial 3D printer from Grupo Sicnova with FFF technology (Fused Filament Fabrication)
  • Maximum print volume: 600 x 1000 x 600 mm
  • Enclosed and heated environment with controlled temperature
  • Possibility of printing with two materials in the same piece
  • Manufactures pieces in a large variety of thermoplastic materials with different properties


Construction volume (L x W x H)

600 x 1000 x 600 mm
Automatic levelling of the bed
Maximum temperature of the extruder
245 ‚ºC

Maximum temperature of the hotbed

100 ‚ºC
Chamber of the hot chamber, maximum temperature

65‚ ‚ºC

Fans in the print head


Independent or coupled movement


Simultaneous printing with
multiple material

Printing with double material with a single head

Coil Capacity

8 kg

Number of coils


Dimensions of the printer (L x W x H)
1500 mm x 1210 mm x 1730 mm


1 F / 220V, 4 KW