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Capturing high precision results with EinScan Pro 2X

SHINING 3D is partnering with 3D Systems and Siemens to bring you the latest all in one solution for reverse engineering. Now you can scan...

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Capturing high precision results with EinScan Pro 2X

SHINING 3D is partnering with 3D Systems and Siemens to bring you the latest all in one solution for reverse engineering. Now you can scan with EinScan Pro 2X multi-functional handheld 3D scanner to get high-quality 3D data. Convert your 3D scans to CAD easier than ever before in Geomagic Essentials. Complete your design for 3D printing and manufacturing with powerful design tool Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition.

Whats included:

  • EinScan Pro 2X or EinScan Pro 2X Plus
  • EinScan-Pro Industrial Pack
  • Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition
  • Geomagic® Essentials„¢
  • Scan Mode Handheld HD Scan Handheld Rapid Scan Fixed Scan with Turntable
    (with Add-on: Industrial Pack)
    Fixed Scan without Turntable
    (with Add-on: Industrial Pack)
    Scan Accuracy up to 0.05 mm up to 0.1 mm 0.04 mm(single shot accuracy) 0.04 mm(single shot accuracy)
    Volumetric Accuracy* 0.3 mm/m (Markers Alignment) 0.3 mm/m (Markers Alignment) / /
    Scan Speed 20 frames/s; 110,000 points/s; 7 data capture lines 30 frames/s; 1,500,000 points/s Single Scan<1s Single Scan<1s
    Point Distance 0.2 mm-2 mm 0.2 mm-2 mm 0.16 mm 0.16 mm
    Single Scan Range 135*100 mm€”€”225*170 mm
    Depth of Field ±100 mm
    Working Distance 400 mm
    Light Source LED
    Align Mode Markers Alignment Markers Alignment, Feature Alignment
    (with rich geometrical features on the surface),
    Hybrid Alignment (Markers and Feature
    Turntable Coded Targets, Feature, Markers, Manual Alignment Markers, Feature, Manual Alignment
    Texture Scan No Yes (with Add-on: Color Pack) Yes (with Add-on: Color Pack) Yes (with Add-on: Color Pack)
    Outdoor Operation Set up the shelter or cover to avoid direct sunlight
    Special Objects for Scanning For the transparent, highly reflective or some dark objects, please spray powder before scanning
    Printable Data Output Able to export watertight 3D model directly to 3D printing
    Output Formats OBJ; STL; ASC; PLY; P3 ; 3MF
    Scanner Body Weight 1.13kg (include the USB3.0 cable)
    Supported OS Win7; Win8; Win10; (64bit)
    Recommended Configuration Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX1060 and higher; video memory: >4G, processor: I7-8700, memory: 32G; interface: high-speed USB 3.0
    Required Configuration Graphics card: Quadro card P1000 and above or NVIDIA GTX660 and higher; processor: Intel (R) xeon E3-1230, Intel (R) I5-3470, Intel (R) I7-3770; interface: high-speed USB 3.0; memory: 8G
    *volumetric accuracy refers to the relationship between 3D data accuracy and object size; the accuracy is reduced by 0.3mm per 100cm. The conclusion is obtained by measuring the center of sphere under markers alignment.

    Fixed Scan Mode

    Capture high-accuracy and high-resolution 3D data of small to medium objects.

    Handheld Scan Mode

    Brings portable and free scanning experience of medium to large objects.

    Geomagic® Essentials„¢

    3D Systems and SHINING 3D have partnered together to bring you an all in one solution for your 3D scan to CAD needs.While modern CAD software is still quite limited in its ability to make use of 3D scan data, Geomagic Essentials brings you the tools needed to use the CAD system as part of your scan-based modeling workflow. Converting your 3D scans to CAD has never been easier. Geomagic Essentials is the bridge software that extracts all the necessary elements of a scanned part for immediate use in your CAD software.

  • Bridging the Gap between 3D Scanning and CAD
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Improving customer journey and experience
  • Features

    Geomagic Essentials provides the tools needed for processing 3D scan data. (scan to print, downstream reverse engineering workflows in your native CAD)

  • Scan processing allows you to directly edit scan data
  • Manage file size through decimation for faster processing
  • Scan-native application for better performance and efficiency
  • High quality automatic CAD conversion
  • Feature extraction allows for the extraction of CAD perfect shapes from scan data
  • Precise geometry allows you to compare design features to scan data for accuracy analysis
  • Convert your 3D scan data to a solid format
  • Import all geometry into the native CAD package for a familiar modeling environment
  • Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition

    Solid Edge

  • The best transition and reuse from 2D or 3D
  • Main modeling capabilities
    - Sequential modeling
    - Synchronous technology
    - Convergent modeling
    - Reverse engineering
    - Design formation
  • From start to finish, modeling tools to meet your needs
  • Direct output of models to your 3D printer

    EXSCAN PRO provides a brand-new UI and workflow. The 3D scan process is as simple as taking a video for either new or experienced users.


  • Brand-new UI and Workflow
  • User-Friendly Operation
  • New Operation Mode Option
  • Allows users a faster scanning experience during operation and set the resolution option afterwards during the data processing , which improves scanning efficiency.
  • Simultaneous Data Display
  • High Compatibility
  • Outputs standard file formats includes STL, OBJ, PLY, ASC, 3MF and P3 (global markers file). Compatible with most mainstream software packages in the market. By saving watertight models, seamlessly connect to 3D printers for 3D printing.
  • Mesh Editing
  • Provides mesh editing such as clean, hole filling, data simplification, smoothing, sharpen etc.
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